Sanderella is Sandi Roy.aboutme

If I know one thing in life, it is that I am meant to create.  I constantly and endlessly absorb information that I convert into creative expressions.  I am inspired by nature, people, relationships, family, magazines, exhibitions, marketplace, color, food, the ingenious creativity of others, and life itself with every second that happens.  My passion for travel feeds my creative spirit with new experiences, materials, textures, colors and moments.

I love to share inspirations and creativity with each of my 5 wonderful daughters who have traveled the planet with me, joining me in my endless search to feed myself creatively and live new inspirations.   My husband has lovingly supported and embraced my “obsession” and has succumbed to living in a state of constant creative evolution as our house fills with “finds”, colors, inspirations and work spaces!  I believe he understands that, for me, it is not a choice; it equates breathing. To be an artist is to create, there is no option if I am meant to live.   I am delighted that my husband has built a wonderful boutique cafe on the main street in New Denver to house my creations as well as the creations of our family.  We all love it!

This particular website is dedicated to my work and explorations with fiber.  I've been exploring and working with textiles for the past 5 years and am currently immersed in wet felting using a variety of fibers including silk, cotton, merino wool and other wool blends to create unique wearable art pieces.

My approach to my work is spontaneous, free and “mind wide open”.  Because of this, I do not typically accept commissions as I find that it affects my ability to create freely.  When I offer my work for sale, I like for another person to “find” it, be drawn to it, “connect with it” and then purchase it because of these dynamics.  You are welcome to make inquiries  about the categories shown in my website, and I could let you know what creations I currently have to offer.